DM Zine

Beware - this project is extremely NSFW.

Atisha Paulson is an internationally recognised photographer, who is best known for his beautiful shots of women. Combine these shots with the fabulous world of social media (specifically Instagram), Atisha was introduced to a world in which women deal with on the daily - unwanted attention in your DM’s. Atisha originally found it humorous, but it started getting out of control, the DMs became increasingly more graphic and vulgar to the point where he started screenshotting these conversations and publically outing the accounts contacting him.

In comes AM:PM designs. Atisha had the idea to combine these screenshots into a Zine. He loved our style and gave us full creative control of this project. This project encompassed the AM:PM style to a tee. Cool layout combined with storytelling and hidden messages through design - totally our vibe! This project gained quote a lot of media coverage, appearing on the coveted site - HighSnobiety.

We are incredibly proud of this project, and you can purchase the full NSFW copy here.